Dealing With Solicitors or Conveyancer

Dealing With Solicitors or Conveyancer

June 19, 2015
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Every time a property changes hands, the process is called conveyancing. This transfer from one owner to another has to be done in a certain legal way. You can do it yourself or with help of either solicitor or conveyancer.

Basically, the difference is that conveyancer can only give you legal advice about the property, whereas a solicitor can advise you about the property and many other legal matters as well.

What Your Solicitor Or Legal Representative Will Do

  • Check your contract of sales and let you know of any concerns or issues.
  • Arrange, or advise you regarding pest and building inspections.
  • Coordinate your exchange of contracts and payment of deposit.
  • Review your mortgage documents.
  • Coordinate and attend the settlement of your property.

Some Things To Ask Your Solicitor, Conveyancer Or Legal Representative

  • How much do you charge?
  • Are incidental costs included?
  • Do you charge a storage fee for documents?
  • Does the title (e.g. Strata, Torrens) of the property influence the cost?
  • Are you licensed to do this type of work?
  • Do you charge for advising on the mortgage document?
  • Do you handle all correspondence and enquiries? Will I be dealing only with you?
  • What are your working hours? Can I contact you outside working hours?

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