Dealing Real Estate Agents

Dealing Real Estate Agents

June 19, 2015
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Some Things To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

  • Recent sales in the area?
  • Are there any heritage orders for the home?
  • What is the likely rental return?
  • What are the current annual council rate?
  • Are there any approved plans for renovations or alterations to the property? To a neighbouring property?
  • Have any building or pest inspections been undertaken recently?
  • Are there any reports that detail the state of the plumbing and wiring?
  • What is the vendor’s desired settlement period? How flexible are they?
  • Can you confirm that the council has approved additions or changes?
  • Does the agent receive any commissions from conveyancers or lawyers?
  • What is the floor space ratio (allowable ratio of building area to total land area)?
  • How much of the floor space is currently used?
  • Is the unit a company title and if so, can I rent it out?
  • Is the building fire rated for safety?

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