Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Applying for a commercial property loan is much more complex than a residential property loan.  Banks don’t publish their pricing and lending policies vary widely. Choosing the right lender on your own is almost impossible without guidance.  Generally, the cheaper the rate the harder it is to qualify. So be realistic about your expectations, a full documentation loans which has to tick all the lender’s boxes may not be the one for you.  We have the expertise to guide you through the process.

Access to lenders with different risk appetites and funding sources allows for larger loans and less restrictive terms and flexible application process.

Variable and fixed rates are available or a Line of Credit facility.  Terms are usually short term but there are set and forget products that will give you a term of up to 25 years without yearly review.

Why you need a commercial loan

  1. Business operating out of leased premises looking to buy
  2. Business that currently owns business premises looking to expand to larger premises
  3. Business operating from home looking to purchase own premises
  4. Investors buying commercial property for its yield

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