As part of our value added service to our customers, Mortage Zone has identified some key areas where we will endeavour to provide knowledge through a series of educational seminars.  We will deliver this service by either utilising our own resources or in collaboration with specialist partners depending on the demand.  We will encourage you to suggest topics of interest via our blog. We will review our range of offerings on a regular basis.

First Home Buyer

The first step to building wealth is through saving. Buying your first home is one great way to enforce a savings plan to build wealth. Your first purchase will also represent your biggest financial commitment.

At Mortage Zone, we recognise the importance of providing the right advice to enable you to make an informed decision. We will be running a series of First Home Buyer seminars which aim to address issues such as:

  • Which loan should I have
  • What are the costs involved
  • How much savings do I need
  • Fixed or variable
  • How quickly can I pay off my loan
  • What is lender's mortgage insurance

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