Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Commercial Property Loans

We have a variety of commercial loan solutions for customers who want to purchase retail, industrial, residential or commercial properties.

Development Finance-Construction Loans

Our partner T&T Capital Ltd can facilitate financing for residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail and hospitality orientated properties within the eastern seaboard of Australia through its good relationships with both the banking sector and the non-banking sector. Through its close relationships with other providers such as valuers, solicitors, real estate agents, quantity surveyors and builders, it ensures that the required expertise is always available to its clients.

The business specialises in clients who have funding requirements ranging from $500,000 to $25,000,000 although the Director has the necessary expertise to arrange syndicated or club facilities should the need arise.

T&T Capital Ltd has a good working relationship with all banks and non-banks and is able to source senior debt funding for investment purchases or development finance for the construction of residential or commercial properties. It also has access to mezzanine funding for development finance from both institutional and non-institutional lenders and is able to tailor a solution to the needs of the clients.

Business Loans

If you are in a business partnership, life insurance can be used to fund what’s known as a ‘buy sell’ arrangement. For example, say you own a business 50/50 with someone else. You might set up a buy sell arrangement that specifies that if one of you dies, the other will buy out the partner to take full ownership of the business.

To fund this arrangement, the business takes out life insurance policies for each of you – with the sums insured equivalent to half the value of the business. In the event that one partner dies, the proceeds of the insurance policy are paid to the beneficiaries of the deceased – effectively cashing out their half of the business.

Full ownership of the business is then passed onto the surviving partner, without them having to find a large sum of money at short notice.

Car & Equipment Finance

We can offer hire purchase, chattel mortgage and novated lease options for motor vehicles, light to heavy commercial vehicles, earthmoving and construction equipment, manufacturing and industrial plant equipment and machinery, printing presses, medical and dental equipment.

If you are self-employed and can meet the following criteria:
1. clean credit history
2. is a homeowner
3. ABN and GST registed for more than 2 years
We can fast-track your application with self-certify income.

Please ask for quotes.

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